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Welcome! SWE at UCR is a non-profit, educational, service organization that is driven by members who are passionate about supporting women to achieve full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders. We are an active club that hosts academic and professional events through out the year.

We specialize in professional and academic development, increasing female presence in BCOE, and outreach opportunities encouraging young students to pursue STEM fields. We also frequently collaborate with other engineering organizations to help expand students' professional network.

Fun Fact! SWE at UCR was founded on November 4th, 1996, making our organization 23 years old!

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Upcoming Events

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General Meetings
General meetings are held on Wendesdays of every odd week. This is the perfect way to get involved and bond with other engineers! Learn about different topics, participate in events, and stay updated on everything SWE UCR does!

BCED Meetings
Join BCED commitee meetings to be a part of putting together one of the most important events of the year. Your work is impactful, so get involved and make a difference! Meetings are held every Tuesday!


SWE at UCR relies solely on the generous donations from our sponsors and donors to support us in everything we do, from general club operational expenses, to leadership development conferences, and to funding our large scale events.

We graciously thank you for supporting us in our mission to inspire the next generation of engineers, one gear at a time!

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